Experience Travel With Birch Hotel Group

Birch Hotel Group is Australia’s newest and fastest-growing tourism brand, driven by our vision to create an all-inclusive travel experience that caters to various experiences and demographics. From coast to country, we’re committed to providing you with a vast selection of Birch Hotels, motels, pubs, and guest houses that meet your unique preferences.

Our Expansion, Your Bliss

Over the next ten years, Birch Hotel Group aims to expand across Australia while ensuring our guests always experience consistency. Regardless of which property you choose, rest assured that you will find a clean room, fresh sheets, a sparkling bathroom, and a warm welcome upon arrival. Our team embodies the values of cleanliness, consistency, and friendliness to ensure your satisfaction throughout your stay.

Why Choose Birch Hotel Group Hotels?

Unmatched Warmth and Nostalgia

Feel like you're coming home with every step. Immerse yourself in an environment that exudes warmth, cleanliness, and nostalgia, creating a haven for all guests.

Diverse Collection of Unique Accommodations

Find your perfect match. Experience cosy motels near breathtaking beaches or charming guest houses nestled in scenic countryside.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality Service

Ensures consistent, exceptional service. Cleanliness is our priority, with spotless rooms, crisp sheets, and immaculate bathrooms.

Our Mission

Birch Hotel Group creates a warm, clean, and nostalgic environment for our guests. As an eclectic collection of motels, hotels, retreats, resorts, pubs, and guest houses we cater for all walks of life. We bring guests back to the comfort of one’s own homes to share their travel stories and relive the good old days but better. We have the knowledge to deliver the highest quality of services towards inspiring moments of creative holidaying, developed systems, and new technologies. The Birch Hotel Group team delivers the highest quality of services for its guests at all our properties towards an improved quality of our guests’ journey of nostalgic transformation.

Our Vision

An innovative and evolving hospitality and tourism brand in Australia, Birch Hotel Group strives to become the industry leader in creating travel experiences that are all inclusive and cater to a wide variety of experiences and demographics. Our long-term aim is that from coast to country you will be able to find a Birch Hotel Group destination to provide you – our visitors with that home away from home experience.

Our Values

We are ambitious, unconventional, and fearless industry leaders in the hospitality and tourism sector. Our team members are trained to represent our brand and embody the values of inclusiveness, consistency, and friendliness. Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to inclusiveness, diversity and just being real. Birch Hotel Group is an innovative and evolving brand providing its guests with an open, honest, ethical, and genuine experience. We conduct ourselves with integrity, and greet all with respect, and a smile on arrival.

Where We Are Located

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